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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Hey Readers,

I am pleased to inform you that I have successfully created the cover for my second book. It took me a while to decide what direction I wanted to go. You know, do I want to do something different or do I want to keep my flames. Personally, I believe the flames match my fiery personality and it matches the personalities of my main characters, so I kept the flames. Hope you like it, if you don't too bad because the flames are staying around for this series of books. (Of course I have something different planned for the rest of the books in my head).

Graduation is approaching quickly and I only have a week left in school. All that work I was complaining about on one of my last post is almost finished, thank God! However, I still have a lot of papers to write so my time and energy is very limited. I used to look at my favorite authors and say, "Why the hell does it take you year or more to write one fucking book?!" Well, at that point, I didn't realize that authors have lives outside of writing. So if things keep going at the pace they are now, this book won't be released until Christmas. I will let you see the cover eventually. Hell I haven't even finished creating the epub for What it Took to Get Her Part 2 because I know a lot of people bought copies of part one and I'm not going to make you pay for both parts if you already have the first one.

By the way, I don't remember if I told you or not, but the second book in the Boss Bitch Chronicles is What it Takes to Keep Her. The story, of course, still revolves around Chelsea Rodriguez, Khloe Kai, and all the people that cross their paths. Well since I'm on the subject, I might as well attempt to give you a quick summary of what's going on with these two girls (I haven't pre-written anything so I'mma have to go off the dome lol).

When I last left off, Chelsea Jones had just become Chelsea Rodriguez and Khloe Shelton had just become Khloe Kai. Both of them where still just baby boss bitches. Now they are fresh out of college and in a confused stage where they don't want to accept their boss bitch status, or rather they can't accept it yet because of a few curve balls life has thrown their way that causes them to put business on hold in order to take care of home.

Chelsea and her husband, Rashad have been the ideal couple since high school. Since day one, everybody watched their love blossom and wished they could have at least a portion of what they have. Just when Chelsea thought things couldn't get any more perfect for, tragedy struck and caused her to question every aspect of their relationship. She does some things she's not proud of and brings them to the brink of divorce.

She is the first one in her family to graduate college, she has fifty girls under her command, and she owns a chain of stores and a chain of condo complexes. Khloe brings in millions every month, she married with kids, and she thinks she is living large. There's only one problem: she still hasn't been home to mama. After graduation, she finally decides to return home and finds herself in a shocking situation.

Will these girls learn to juggle their business and private lives and move on? Or will these boss bitches in the making lose control to the equally powerful men in their lives?

Okay now that if a rough draft of the back cover summary. That is what some of the book is about, just remember the summary is subject to change and I may put a completely different one on the back cover on the book depending on how I feel that day.

Anywhoo, I'm in the middle of Chapter 13 so let me go finish that and I hit ya'll later.

Until next time...

Queen B.

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