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Friday, May 4, 2012

New Look---5/4/2012---12:14 p.m.

Hello Readers,

 First of all, for those of you who was looking at my blog a few minutes ago, I apologize for its crazy appearance. I got tired of starring at all that pink and decided to switch up my background a little bit. I know you were looking because I notice my page views going up, but it's done now and I love the black wayyyyy better than that bright pink. Anywhoo, when you browse around my blog you are going to notice some new features and gadgets, so please feel free to use them. One feature, in particular, that I hoped you noticed is that I have added an extra page to my blog. It will, hopefully, be the first of many extra pages to come. In the top, left hand corner there is a tab that is titled Books. It's pretty self-explanatory what you'll find when you click that tab, but I'mma tell you anyways. It features the book that I have completed, where you can pick up your very own copy, and the price. Now, drum roll please...I also have a works in progress heading in there and it not only tells the book's name, it also shows the cover of my book. With the cover photos, there are also back cover summaries. If you read my blog regularly, you've probably already read the description, but if for some reason, you missed those posts, you can check it out there. I didn't put my email address on there, because by now you all should know that you can reach me at and yes I do respond to each and every email that I get. The email is no secret and I didn't create it for nothing, so contact me for whatever and feel free to pass it on to a friend.

Umm, let's see...oh yeah, now I know what I was going to say. I finally uploaded all my epubs and I think I've even fixed a few errors in the first one. Can you believe I didn't procrastinate this time? Anyways, I uploaded them yesterday. It usually takes about two to three days for review and after that, you should be able to buy it. Like I said, Part 2 is out there on a different level, so, again, please email me at with all your feedback whether it be praises or criticism. I say email me, because the comment box on this blog is for your response to each blog post. On the other hand, I like to talk and I'm very opinionated, so don't be surprised if I copy and paste your message in one of my posts and discuss it. I don't reveal any names, just ideas, comments, and my honest opinions.

As for as my new book, I'm going to be honest with ya'll, I don't have an expected release date. In one of my last posts, I told you guys that I was shooting for Christmas...I think that's what I said. Well, I told you guys that when I was overwhelmed in research papers and big college exams. Some way, I found some extra time on my hands and I am up to Chapter 16 right now. Bad news is that the little net book that the school let me check out has to be return before I graduate, so that will be Monday. That means I can't write as much, when I want. Good news is my math teacher is giving me his old laptop, but he said it was like one of the first ones that was made and on top of that it was filled with viruses. Thankfully, his daughter completely wiped it clean, but that also means that all the downloaded programs like Microsoft, was wiped away with the viruses. I don't know how that's going to work. Then even if the computer does work properly, I may be gone for nine weeks for training, which means I have to postpone writing the last few chapters. With all that being said, I could be done way sooner than Christmas or way later...but hopefully sooner.

Just so you know, my book about the quickies with a spin, is still going to happen...eventually. The Boss Bitch Chronicles have really overwhelmed me. I told you guys before that I daydream a lot, well I already have three books in my head for this series and when I get them out, then I can really start on something new.

One last thing before I close, I am working on another huge project. It is so huge that I it is going slower than I hoped, but that's what happens when you have to rely on other people to get your work done. This could be a major movement or an epic failure if only I can get everybody to cooperate. I was just giving you a heads up even though I know you probably won't be hearing about this until about next year.

Until next time...

Queen B!


  1. I love the flames!! I've been looking at new background designs for my blog. I usually change with the seasons... maybe that's bad, but I can't help it! I like the tabs up top, too. :D I go to check it out.

  2. Thanks so much, I just wished I thought to change it sooner. I'm trying to have flames as my trademark, but it's a work in progress. I, on the other hand, will not be changing my design with the seasons because it is too much work. For some reason my preview wouldn't show at the bottom of the page, so I hit apply to page to see how things looked. That's when I realized all my old settings where gone so I had no choice but to keep going, but I'm glad I did.

    Queen B