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Chelsea and her husband, Rashad have been the ideal couple since high school. Since day one, everybody watched their love blossom and wished they could have at least a portion of what they have. Just when Chelsea thought things couldn't get any more perfect for, tragedy struck and caused her to question every aspect of their relationship. She does some things she's not proud of and brings them to the brink of divorce.

She is the first one in her family to graduate college, she has fifty girls under her command, and she owns a chain of stores and a chain of condo complexes. Khloe brings in millions every month, she married with kids, and she thinks she is living large. There's only one problem: she still hasn't been home to mama. After graduation, she finally decides to return home and finds herself in a shocking situation.

Will these girls learn to juggle their business and private lives and move on? Or will these boss bitches in the making lose control to the equally powerful men in their lives?

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Chelsea Jones is a 16 year old junior in high school who was raised in the back woods of Louisiana by her mother and her mother's parents. Growing up in a very religious and strict household, she find herself struggling to stay level headed and not rebel. Screaming for freedom, she instantly fell for Rashad Rodriguez, who is a notorious Ohio gang banger who has recently been incarcerated. And boy does he come with a lot of baggage and trouble. Although they are from different worlds, they instantly fall in love and Rashad unintentionally drags Chelsea into the line of fire. Will Chelsea and their growing family make it out alive or will they get burned?
Khloe Shelton is an 18 year old freshman in college. Unlike her best friend, Chelsea, she is looking for ways to rebel. It's her first time away from home, and she's not looking to return any time soon. There is only one thing on Khloe's mind and that is 'Money over everything.' With a new man, new friends, new hustles, and a fresh taste for alcohol, her life is in for a drastic change. Can Khloe get her priorities straight or will she risk everything to satisfy her hunger for money?
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