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Saturday, April 21, 2012

40,000 words! ---4/20/2012---4:33 pm

Hello Readers,

Let me tell you how I write. I make a word document for each chapter that I write and when finished, I print them out to be proofread (someone once told me what looks one way on the computer, looks another way in print and that is so true). After I may the corrections to a chapter, I put all the revised chapters in another document together. In my last book, I must have complained my ass off when people told me that I didn't have a novel because I only had like 38, 000 words (not including the second part). Well of the eleven chapters that I've written so far, nine are officially together and to my surprise, my words count is already a couple  thousand over 40,000 words and from the looks of everything going on inside my head, this book is going to be longer than the first two parts. That's right folks, no part one and part two, just one story.

You see things changed for me when I stopped focusing on the quantity of my work and started to focus on the quality of my work. In my last book, I would have never made it to 40,000 words since that was all I was focusing on. Just having a printed out copy of my book was enough for me (which by the way is awesome since I have fixed all the formatting errors inside and it actually looks like a real book and I am proud of it now)! Anywhoo, after seeing my new copy, I was just eager to write down everything else and finish this story. I don't plan on taking a break until book three. I am not trying to rush publishing, but ya'll got to understand, I really do daydream a lot. Don't get me wrong, I am always busy, but I always find time on my hands to daydream...or in my case, zone out. (Not to mention, a friend of mines love my work and she keeps begging for more chapters.) I have been daydreaming this stuff since I was twelve, I didn't officially just think about writing books until my freshman year in high school, so I got a lot of story built up and once I began putting it out, I can't help but keep going. I daydream in bed, in class, numerous times a day, and my personal favorite is when I'm listening to my mp3 in a car or on a bus. Well...I've been trying to stop daydreaming when in vehicles because I've been doing it for years now and I've began to associate daydreaming with any vehicle. Now that I am driving, I don't really need to focus anywhere else. My eyes and mind should be on the road one hundred percent of the time, so I'm working on that one.                                

Well readers, that's all for today. I need to start writing chapter 12, so until next time...

Queen B.

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