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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One Step Futher-1:40 p.m.-7/13/11

Honestly, I wasn't even going to blog today, because I felt I had nothing to say. Well sitting back at the computer at the library, I was doing my daily research. I spent some time on my Linkdin profile trying to get the hang of things. I joined this really awesome group of authors and publishers, who are all highly experienced compared to me. It is and honor, a privilege, and a big help to chat with some of these people, since they are older and they know the game. Well how do I say that better? They know the do's and don'ts of publishing and self-publishing; many of the group members have published books.

I was questioning whether or not I should self-publish or not? Well I think I'm going to do it...whenever I finish typing my manuscript. In discussions, they suggested some sites that they have published through successfully, and about three were mentioned over and over. One of the three, I was already planning on using. As for the other two, I checked those out and I will be publishing through at least two of the three. Why publish through two companies you ask? I asked the same questions to myself. Well one site, is own by amazon and that way, I can sell online much cheaper. Another company is connected to the big stores like Barnes & Nobles and etc. Great isn't it? I know.

Well, I am going to keep diligently working to my finish. Just thought I'd give you an update. Until my next entry good folk!

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