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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little About My Book- 2 p.m.-7/7/11

On my last entry I told you that I was writing a book. This entry, I want to try to give you a summary of what my book is all about without giving away too much information, so bare with me.

Well everybody knows what urban erotica and adult fiction is, right? Usually, in these books the story is about an adult or adults who are in love triangles, sex scandals, have a promiscuous sex lives or no sex lives at all (of course there is more situatations than I named). Well I did a spin on the normal erotica. Since most of the time erotica is based on adults, I did the opposite. My main character is a 16 year old junior in high school. Why would I make a minor the main character in an adult fiction book? Simple. Its reality. Although, teenage sex is not really condoned in modern day society, that does not stop it from happening and believe me, I know this firsthand. Teenagers talk about sex, think about sex, want sex, and have sex...even at school....literally, in locker rooms, classrooms, the weightroom, the gym, and any other free place they can find. So bottom line is shit happens.

Although my book is adult fiction, I believe it will appeal mostly to people in their late teens to early twenties, just because it is real life.

Like I said earlier, my main character is Chelsea Jones, who is a 16 year old junior in high school. Chelsea was raised in a small town in Louisiana that is considered the country, because there is so many trees down there that its like a mile in between each house. Her father left her mother while she was pregnant, which is why you'll see Chelsea refer to him many times throughout the book as her 'sperm donor.' She was raised by her mother and her mother's parents. Growing up in a very religious and strict household, she find herself stuggling to stay level headed and not rebel. Screaming for freedom, she instantly fell for Rashad Rodriguez (her co-main character), who is a notorious Ohio gang banger who has recently been incarcerated. And boy does he come with alot of baggage and trouble. Although they are from different worlds, they instantly fall in love and Rashad unintentionally drags Chelsea into the line of fire. Will Chelsea and their growing family make it out alive or will they get burned?

Follow my blogs, and evry now and then, I may share a secret or two.

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