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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Introduction (How It All Started)-11 a.m. 7/7/11

If you are reading this, I want to let you know that this is the first to a series of blogs. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. In this entry, I want to tell you about my writing history and inspiration to become an author.

Well, as you saw from my About Me section, I am currently on my very first Adult Fiction/Erotica Novel. I have been writing Adult Fiction since the tender age of 12. Yes, 12 (It however, didn't involve anything sexual, but my language was still a little inappropriate for my age). And I loved reading at an even younger age. However, that wasn't my first aspiration. My 6th grade English teacher intoduced my class and I to poetry and I did mine very very quickly and received the highest grade in the class. That's when I first realized that I could write and that I actually enjoyed it. Some of my next assignments where a short story that I had to make up and then a 20-page prospectus complete with rough drafts, outlines, and final drafts. (And yes I was still in the 6th grade. My teacher's favorite saying was, "I'm preparing you for college.")

Fast forward, to my Freshman year in highschool. Many of my closest friends failed our 8th grade LEAP Test, so they where left behind. I didn't get to see them at all, because even though my school is elementary, middle, and high school combined, my principle made our schedule so well that none of the three levels crossed paths or even saw each other on a day to day basis. I only had one bestfriend left in my class to talk to in high school, because I wasn't really close to my other classmates. Anyways, that friend failed a couple times before, so he was a couple years older. Eventually, he got into this program to help him get his degree earlier, so he left like at midterms. Well I was left alone, don't get me wrong I knew everybody in my class, because the school is so small, we all basically grew up together, expect the people who we picked up along the years, but I was at that age where I was trying to find myself, I was shy, and didn't really fit in. (Of course, now my class and I are like brothers and sisters. We are one big happy disfuctional family, but it wasn't easy getting to this point). Well, feeling out of place from my own crowd, I feel into this crowd with at that time, two senior boys and three junior girls. Two of the junior girls I hung with read alot and very very faster than me. They hand literally, a new book everyday, and then they'd come and talk about it. It was like their own book club, and the things they said really got my attention. All I knew was that they read books that my mother always tried to keep me away from. Then they finally gave me one (since I wasn't old enough to check them out at the library then) and it was Around Tha Way Girls 2. I loved it!! A few books later, they gave me Wahida Clark's Every Thug Needs a Lady and it hit me. I wanted to write like her, so I pulled out an old story I had been workin on when I was twelve, but quit at like, Chapter 4. I read it and revised it and then set it down again.

Two years later (which was last year), I pulled the revised copy out, read it, and then revised it....again. This time I was determined to finish it and this time I planned on making it slighty erotic. I began typing it at school during my LVS computer classes since I don't have a computer at home. I let my classmates and friends read the first three chapter and everybody loved it. On girl in my class asked me was I gone publish it. Honestly, the thought had crossed my mind once or twice but fearing her reaction, I said, "No, it's just what I do for fun when I'm bored." Her response was, "Well, if you not gone publish it, give to me and I'll publish it." Then, something else hit me, "If I dedicate this much time into writing it, I should at least try to publish it. So no, I shouldn't doubt my writing and yes, I should give it a try. It's better to try a fail, rather than to never try at all and forever wonder 'what if?' "

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