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Friday, July 8, 2011

My Struggle to Get and Stay Motivated-9:37 a.m.-7/8/11

 As of right now, I have only typed 3 1/2 chapters of my book since I don't have a computer at home, but I have chapters 4-14 written in a notebook that I carry with me everywhere I go.

Writing and typing are to very different things. Personally I enjoy them both (with typing being my favorite), but I hate having to re-type what I write. It is very big to me that I wrote ten chapters less than a month, but that tablet is just discouraging to look at sometimes when I think, "Hey, I still need to type this if I want to finish my manuscript."  I guess the fact that I know I have a lot to type, is what leaves me procrastinating for so long. I don't have the money to hire anybody right now, so I have to do everything on my own.

A bigger problem has started to arise in my writing process. I know how I want to end this book, but I'm stuck on how I want to start chapter 15. It just gets to me sometimes, because I know how everything began and I know how I want things to end, but some parts in the middle are very sketchy to me. Chelsea has just regained her memory and I don't know how I want her reaction to be. I don't know weather I want Chapter 15 to take place on the same day she regained her memory or start it a few weeks later. I have put my book down for almost three weeks just pondering this question. I am struggling to not put my book down a third time, especially this late in the game. Readers, any suggestions?

Well my time on this entry has come to an end. I will never finish this manuscript if I keep on complaining, so hopefully next time I write, I will be way past typing Chapter 4. I'll worry about writing Chapter 15 later.

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