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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Newly Met Goal!-9:40 a.m.-7/12/11

O.K. first of all, I know I said I'll be back yesterday, but I had to babysit. In all actuality, I need that time away from it all this weekend. I got a lot of work done. I have great news everybody! I finally got Chapter 15 started and finished in one day. That's the thing about me, when I do get started, I have to keep going, and going, and going until I let everything out...or else I'll forget. Don't get me wrong, Chapter 15 wasn't done in an hour, it actually took the entire day to write, but I finished it.

In other news, Chapter 15 wasn't the only thing that I finished. I have successfully finished writing my book. I decided at the last minute to take some information out and save it for the third book in my series, so its a few chapters short of what I intended, but I thinks it's still good. I finished at Chapter 17. So I am proud to announce that all I have to do is finish typing my manuscript...which I have 12 chapters left to type.

Honestly, I am still struggling to finish typing, because one: I still don't have that computer at home and two: Books two and three are already floating in my head. My problem with that is ending up like I am now with my first book. I don't want to have stacks of notebooks filled with my work that needs to be typed. That's just depressing to look at.

O.k. back to the subject at hand. I know I have a good book, but with everything comes doubts and I have many insecurities. I started off reading Wahida Clark and this year, I my bestie introduced me to Mary. B. Morrison's Who's Loving You. Then, my mother actually got Unconditionally Single for me. It's kind of intimidating to me when I am getting ready to throw myself out there with many authors of their calliber. Can I get past or even to their level of expertise? Can I get that way through self-publishing? If I self-publish successfully and then make it past their level completely on my own, I will be known as a go-getter. A possible entreprenuer. A determined, great, successful author. But do I have the gutts to do it? Somedays I doubt myself so much 'til it just ain't funny. You know you are your own toughest critic. Somedays I look at my book and be like, this will never sell or stand out. Maybe I am just kidding myself.Then other days I'm like hell yeah!! I can do this. I mean I never will know until I try. As you can see, I am still writing this blog even though I have no comments and even though it seems like I have no readers. I have determination, I just hope I have a bestseller.

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