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Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Back On Track (Just A Quick Update)-1:30 p.m.-7/8/11

Hallelujah!! I am getting there...sort of. I just finished typing Chapter 4, so Monday I will start typing Chapter 5. I know it's not much, but it's a big deal to me. Especially, since I had fell of so badly (NOTE: Read about me falling of in my last blog post My Struggle To Get and Stay Motivated).

I am even trying to do some tweeting to get my name and blog out there. Readers follow me on twitter @!/Mrs_Bree_. I have also be doing a lot of researching and networking. At least as much as I can do at my age.  So, during my research, I found out that creating a manuscript is very difficult. Well, not difficult, just straight forward. These publishers are very specific about what they want, I just hope that one day I can meet their critical standards. Not to mention the prices of publishing, printing, and editors. I can't afford anything right now.

On the other hand, here's some food for thought: I have the option of self publishing. Personally, I kind of like that idea, because there is no middle man, and I like to be in control of everything that I create. Not to mention I plan on being an entrepreneur in some form or fashion. There's only one this that worries me about going this route: there is a bunch of advertisement, promotion, and other dirty that I'd have to do solo. Whereas, if I get publishers, editors, and etc. I wouldn't have to have to worry as much about the big stuff. Also, I am scared that I can't get my book to the places the big time publishers can.
Readers, I am calling you out for comments again. What do you guys think I should do? Should I save and try to get published or should I take the big plunge and self-publish?

My laziness is battling my will to be successful and it is very difficult, but whether you guys believe it or not, I feel that this book will make it big, so I am majorly dedicated.

Well readers it's that time again, my post has come to an end. Until Mondays you guys!!

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