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Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Can I Say?-4:05 p.m.-11/17/2011

Good evening readers,

What can I say? Or should I say, Where should I start? I actually have a lot to say, I just don't know how I want to say it.

Okay first of all, I had my first sale a few days ago. It's been my only sale so far; but, hey we all have to start somewhere right?

Anywhoo, I am still working on part two of this book. As a matter of fact, I will start on Chapter 11 when I get home tonight. However, I am facing a few difficulties. Have you ever gotten to that point when you know what you want to write; but, just didn't know how to put it on paper? Well that's what I'm going through. You know writing a book is like writing an extremely long descriptive essay and I find myself struggling with that from time to time. Sometimes there seem to be gaps in my mind that prevent the story from just flowing properly. After I finish one scene, I sometimes ask myself, "Now what?" That's the time when I say, "Hey, it's break time. Put down your pen, relax, and come back tomorrow." You know sometimes when writing, I feel like I'm not doing any physical work; so, I really don't need a break. WRONG! It works your mind and if you are writing like I write, it works your hand. After taking a day or so off, I come back with a new mind and the story begins to flow properly. Whether we realize it or not, writing for long periods of time can change your seeing, thinking, and comprehension skills. That's why when you finish something and come back later for revisions, it's like your eyes were opened. You start to notice things you didn't notice at first.

In the past, I told you that I was working on a book of  short stories. It's a book of quickies with a shocking spin to it. I am working on these more slowly; but, it's gradually getting there. I will be starting on my third short stories within the next few days. I've put it off; because, I wanted to finish What it Took to Get Her first. Well, I'm halfway through with it; so, I've slowly picked it back up. Honestly, I don't really take breaks from writing completely. When I put down What it Took to Get Her, I pick up my short stories. My grind is 24/7 (minus the 40 hours I spend at school every week). I am out for Thanksgiving Break all next week; so, I should be able to get a lot done.

Okay, now that that's said, let me venture off the subject for a minute. I just got out of school and homecoming court was announced this morning. Guess who will be on it again? Me! Yay! This is my senior year and only seniors get crowned king or queen; so, hopefully, I will be crowned queen. Wish me luck!

Until next time readers!

P.S. if I don't get a chance to write before the holidays, Happy Thanksgiving! Please do me a favor, don't celebrate Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It seems like advertisers and most people has just passed it by. Thanksgiving is an important thing for us as Americans. It holds great significance. I hate to walk into department stores and pass housing and see Christmas decor up the day after Halloween. It's rediculous! And while I'm on the subject, when Christmas does get here, don't forget its true meaning. Don't get me wrong it is the season for giving, just don't take it as a season for receiving. (Get it?)We sometimes get wrapped up in the gifts and the chaos of it all. Don't take the Christ out of Christmas. Let's have a great holiday season and actual celebrate them for their true meanings.

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