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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Risk and a Realization-3:35 p.m.-11/2/11

Hi Readers,

I am about to do something very, very risky. It could either benefit me or totally hurt me. In my last post you guys found out that money and time was an issue. I just couldn't do it. Despite my fellow LinkedIn group members telling me that I need to rest and revise and then find an editor, I just couldn't wait. So, I took matters into my own hands. I took a weeks rest from my literature to develop a fresh, new outlook at it. Then, I revised my rough draft. I pulled up my Createspace page and uploaded my book. And despite some experienced veterans advising me to get a professional cover artist, I am using Createspace's free cover designer. (Readers, I don't advise you to try this at home). By the way, I've contacted a designer that I would love to work with, but again, there's the money issue. He also advised me not to take the cover photo with a digital camera. Call me stupid because, you'd think I'd listen to experienced professionals. So like I said, don't judge me, sometimes mistakes are the best lessons learned. I just hope it's not too big of a mistake.

Anywhoo, so remember when I told you that my book is 177 pages? Right...WRONG! After all the formatting was done, the interior of my book is about 112 pages. Well doesn't that just suck. At this rate, I'll never be a novelist. I am just glad it's part one. I not done with part 2, but I find myself wondering should I have waited until part 2 was finished so I could publish them together.

A realization...

Even though part of me feels skeptical, I can't help how long my books come out. I just write. I write until the story has ended in my mind. Short story or novella, it's a start. Hopefully, it's a good start. Honestly, I used to try to compete with some of my favorite authors. Well...not compete. I just used to try to be like them. I didn't realize that at first. Now I do. I just need to let go and let God. I will never be them or like them. I want to be successful for me and as me. I don't want to be known as some knock-off-wanna-be-copy-cat-who-tries-too-hard. Even though my book is a only a measly little 112 pages, I'm going to take my little 112 pages and jump out on a limb. I can either sink or swim, but I'll never know unless I try. So until next time readers...


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