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Monday, November 7, 2011

My Final Decision-3:35 p.m.-11/07/2011

Hey Readers,

I think I've had an epiphany. For my fellow writers out there, you know that your inspiration or ideas can come from anywhere. Your characters become real. So, I had a dream about my characters' story. This dream made me rethink my whole plan that I previously blogged about. Don't get me wrong, I'm still ready to publish, I just think I'm going to go another route. I'm just glad I had this dream before I hit the submit key on Createspace. As of right now, I don't feel like it's finished.

Anywhoo, I was originally going to publish a two part book through Createspace. Part 1 would be the introductory short story. Forget about it! (In my best Jersey, Italian dialect). I remember what Mrs. DeDe advised me to do when I was stressing over my page count. She told me to publish as an e-book only. Honestly, at that moment, I found that highly offensive. I believe I was too caught up in the idea of producing a hard copy. Now that's not all I want. I want too take my time and do things right and honestly, I think she was right.

My final decision is to release part 1 through Smashwords as an e-book only. I am currently on chapter 10 of part 2; so, when I finish it, then, I will go to Createspace. That way I can release the hard copy together. That's my final decision and I am sticking to it. No...really. This time I am.

Now I admit doing and saying are two total different things. I still struggling with my Smashwords process. The book is formatted correctly, which took me a day to do. (Hey, before you talk, let's not forget I am a rookie. I'm still finding my way). Then when I tried to upload the document the next morning, I had the scare of a lifetime. I was in my WIN class at school and I inserted my jump drive into the computer. Well that friggin' computer converted all my original folders to shortcuts and if you know anything about folder shortcuts, you know why I freaked out. For those of you who don't, when a shortcut is created it only saves the information of the whereabouts of the original folder and everything else is deleted. All my folders were screwed and I didn't manually do it myself. Three of my four flash drives got messed up. Well... at least I caught on before I stuck my forth one in there. Anywhoo, the confusing part of the situation was that all my space was still used; so, I knew my stuff had to be on this drive, I just couldn't access it. I thought I had lost music, schoolwork, and numerous copies and formats of book 1, book 2, and tons of poetry and essays. So, after four hours of overreacting, I sought help from my school counselor and she sent me to my school's mentor teacher, who by the way is also my Advanced Math teacher. He informed me that the documents must be hidden. I should pull up my flash drive and do a hidden documents search. I did it and it failed. After five minutes of sulking, I said, "Hey, if my documents are still on the drive. Why don't I just type in the names of each document and see if it'll pop up?" The first thing I typed in was my book title and it popped up. I was ecstatic. Now my drives are still jacked up; but, at least I still have all my work. Bad news is, if I can't remember what I saved a document under, then I can't search for it.

Now to get back on subject, when I finally finished everything, I realized that I still don't have a cover to submit. Bummer isn't it. Right now I'm short of the proper do it yourself apps, but I will think of something. I just need a "stand-in" cover. My official cover won't be released until the hard copy is. But like I said, I will improvise.

So, readers typing this is not helping me improvise. You have been caught up and now I have work to do. Until next time my lovely dos followers.


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