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Friday, August 3, 2012

I Need Suggestions---8/3/2012---1:33 pm

Hey Readers!

August is almost here and is a lot that is going to be happening. I am moving next week, so after I am all settled, I can get down to business. For one, I should have What it Takes to Keep Her on sale. Then my new blog will be up and running properly. Speaking of that blog, now that everybody knows what it is about, I need suggestions. By the way, if you don't know, go back and read my last post. Anywhoo, I want to know what stories you'd like to know my opinion on and what topic you want me to create and awareness story on. I'd rather you send me your comments to my email at Although I will be writing about what I want, I do want to include some of what you want to read about.You are the readers so your opinion matters to me. Give me some feedback or don't have your lips poked out when I don't talk about stories you want to see.

Even though I haven't official done any real post yet, I went ahead and posted my introduction post. The blog is under contruction, but it is up at so you can already be follwing me. I want that blog to be more popular than this one so follow me and tell all your friends to. Trust it will be worth it.

Queen B.

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