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Monday, June 4, 2012

My Books Are Of Sale For A Few Days---6/4/2012---12:10 p.m.

Hey Guys,

Another church member of mine called and asked me how to get to my book. I admit it, I sent her on a wild goose hunt like I do with everybody else who asks. My mother even asked me why I did the article if I didn't want anybody to find my book. To stop with all the questions, I just simply told people I took them off sale for grammatical corrections. My sister talked to me and she was saying, "I can't believe you wrote that. I didn't even finish the first two chapters because I didn't want to read anymore. It's just not a good look if you are in church every Sunday." (Or rather every other Sunday in my case). My pastor's wife is a second mother to me, so my sister and my mother asked me what I'd do if she found out. Now to be honest, I would tell her the truth. I wouldn't want her to see it for herself, but I would tell her. That way she wouldn't be surprised and at least she'd hear it from me. I just respect her like that. Anywhoo, I was feeling amazing after my last post. I was even getting ready to go out Friday night and I made the mistake of calling my sister while I was getting ready. She killed my entire mood with her guilt speech until I couldn't even focus on having fun that night. I came home at one in the morning...and that's early for me, because I usually get home later than that. I was panicking and everything, because It was Friday night and ya'll know I don't have Internet access at home. I eventually called a friend of mine and told him I need some help. I sent him my account information and he unpublished all my kindles. I later went back and edited my paperback in hopes that it would go away too. Well I found out this morning that my paperback was still online and you could still open it up and preview the chapters. All it said was currently not for sale or something like that. That's when I thought, well if I can't get this down, then I might as well put the Kindles back up. I had a couple people telling me, "No, don't take them down yet! I can't get one until I get paid." I did it anyway. When I woke up this morning, I looked at my royalty records and something hit me. I said, "Hey, I'm losing money." So I had to put my books back on sale. I haven't gotten a steady job yet, because I'm waiting until I move to Baton Rouge. So far, writing is my income. That's why I put them back on sale and you should be able to see them on Amazon again within the next 48 hours...sorry for the inconvenience.

However, I did come up with a pretty good compromise. I will be continuing to write what I love...erotica, under Queen B. I don't know if I told you or not, but I was planning on doing a young adult fiction series after I finish with my erotica series. Well I'm just going to put my erotica on hold until I write the first book young adult fiction book. I'mma try to have it finished in two months. It's going to be a rush job, I know, but desperate times call for desperate measure. Anywhoo, it's just going to be a decoy to satisfy all those people who are so proud of me that they can't imagine me writing erotica. Instead of publishing it under Queen B, I'mma use my first name for those and I will let you guys know how to access them. That way the people who read my erotica can find my young adult fiction, but not vice versa. And if they do find it, so be it...they'll get over it, but nobody's going to mess with my love or my money. Just pray for me ya'll, because I am just one big, walking contradiction.

It's amazing how you grow up in the time you are waiting for a prayer to be answered. My idea for this book is just ten chapters and 250 pages. I am really pushing myself especially since I only average about ten to twelve pages per chapter, so I am really pushing myself. It's a good push though. I actually like trying this new genre. It's easy writing erotica and if you've ever read my book, you know I go hard and I don't bite my tongue. Now going from that to a clean teenage novel is challenging, but very interesting. I haven't read YA fiction in three years, but since I've been writing, I've noticed that it is a popular genre to write. I didn't know why then, but I understand it a lot now. Honestly it took me two days to write five pages. I usually could write a chapter a day when I'm not bothered, but not with a clean book. It pushes me to use better judgement and it pushes my abilities. Anybody can write erotica, but take all the explicit content out of what we write and make us fill it in with something clean is the challenge. It's even harder for me to create the perfect teenager that only says the occasional "hell" or "damn," especially when every to ten year old I know curses and acts way older than they should. Anyways, be expecting to hear about that one soon.

Until next time, tell me what you think.

Queen B.

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