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Friday, March 16, 2012

Ain't Karma a Bitch?!---03/15/2012---5:48 p.m.

Hey Readers,

My mother likes to bug me on the weekends and I'm fine with helping to do anything she asks until she does it back to back. I would rather she give me a long list things to do instead of telling me to do one thing, waiting until I finish, and then telling me to do something else and she'll do this for the entire weekend. I'm the type of person that once my mind is set on something, that's what I'm going to do unless I change my own mind. When I get angry, I don't go off, I shut down and isolate myself. Well, after washing the dishes late last Saturday night I had the bright idea to load the jugs of water in the car that night, so my mother won't wake me up early the next morning to do it. I literally said, "If I do everything tonight, my mother won't have nothing to bug me about in the morning." So, like I was saying, after I got out the tub, I washed the dishes, filled the water jugs, and loaded them in the trunk of the car. Well, it was raining and I just went outside in some slippers and my older sister's nightgown.

Now, I'm sitting here with a cold. My throat is sore. I'm coughing and sneezing. I'm congested. My head hurts, and my nose is stopped up so badly that I have trouble breathing. I have never had a stopped up nose like this. My nose is not running, it's like it is swollen on the inside and breathing out of my mouth does not help. I woke up constantly in the night trying to catch my breath. Believe me guys, I wish I was over-exaggerating, but I haven't had any sleep in almost two days. I am miserable...ain't karma a bitch?

I have three girls reading my material at school, two of those girls have been with me every step and they are reading my second book as I write it. The other girl is new, so she is just reading my first book. I used them as my own personal motivation. They keep me writing, because they want to know what happens next. It usually takes me a day or two to write a chapter, because I daydream constantly and I know how the story is going to go, so it doesn't take me long to type it. I told one of the girls yesterday at our awards banquet that I would have Chapter 5 done for her today when I get to school. Well I got home from our banquet last night at seven and I only wrote three pages before getting stuck. I have never gotten stuck writing this book, because I've been picturing it in my head for so long that I know the whole story. I am so tired that I can't think while writing and I can't even picture it straight in my head. I was blessed enough to be able to check out a netbook from school until I graduate, but it sucks that I can't do anything except look at the computer screen and not think of anything.

Well in other news, you can now officially buy What it Took to Get Her in paperback for just $15. It's a great book, but like I said before, the second half is out there so just consider yourself warned. Make sure you order your copy at

I will have the entire book and the second half available in an ebook. Anywhoo, I believe that's all for right now, so until next time!

Queen B

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