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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A New Milestone-10:53 a.m.-10/13/11

Hello Readers,

I must say it has been a long while. More like two months. I must say it has been a challenging two months. This is my very last year in high school and I am working on graduating. On top of that, I am going to be the Valedictorian of my class; so, I have to make sure I keep that title. I've been accepted to one of the colleges I'm considering attending. I would put the name, but I'm still not sure what I can and cannot post on things like this. I don't want to get sued or anything like this. I am also applying for other colleges and scholarships, and I am taking avantage of Dual Enrollment in my school. That means right now I am also enrolled to two college courses and I am getting dual credit for both high school and college. Well with that being said, I have taken two classes last school year, and I will be taken four this year. That means I will graduate with about 15-18 hours of college credit. Your girl is not dumb, as a matter of fact I am very smart.

Now on top of all of that, I am senior class president, president of FBLA, Vice-President of Student Advisory Group (SAG), I am a cheerleader, and I play varsity baseball. Yes... I do mean baseball. My small school does not have softball team; therefore, our baseball team is co-ed. By the way, I must say this is very hard for me to do since I am only 4 feet 10 inches and weigh only 125 pounds. Now imagine how physically challenging it is for me to keep up with huge high school boys.

My schedule is horrendous and by the time I get home, I am beat. Now I have recently made it to Chapter 7 of my second book and it hit me, I am not finished typing my first book. I said to myself, "Bree, you need to finish one book before you start on another big project." I must say it is sometimes it is difficult to stay in the gist of things. Especially with no computer at home and for a writer, that can be very difficult. I found myself getting depressed about my situation. When I finally logged onto my Linkdin account, one lady was asking our group members have they herd from me lately. It kind of hit home that people would notice my absentee and I didn't want to loose any of my connection.

I thought about this blog everyday. I just knew I was going to loose it. I thought people are going to think I just stopped and that's not true. Then my lack of motivation got to me again and I started saying, well no one ever reads my stuff. No one ever comments on my blog posts; so why bother? Why do I bother to waste my time on this blog when no one is reading it? I wanted to pre-advertise my book; so my blog readers will go through my struggles with me and anticipate its release, but I wasn't getting the response that I thought I would. I finally came to that point and I said forget it. I'm not doing another blog post.

Today I logged into my Linkdin account and checked my inbox and someone sent me this:

I read your Blog and found it interesting, Bree. Isn't writing exciting? Self-publishing is definitely the way to go, and adult fiction is a field that is overlooked by many first-time authors. Kudos to you! I look forward to sharing many good discussions with you.

I must say God works in mysterious ways. This is the very first person, besides my best friends, who has ever told that they've read my blog and found it interesting. Of course my friends say it, but its different when a complete stranger takes time out to say something like this. So thank you Mr. because you have saved my blog and given me a reason to keep it up and running.

Another thing, school is out this entire week (Oct.10-14, 2011) for Fall Break. I went and got all four of my wisdom teeth out Tuesday (October 11) and it didn't hurt as bad as I thought. I am up and running around until I take my pain meds and then I'm confined to my sofa with two ice packs and my favorite blue blanket. My mother won't let me go out a night time until my extraction sites are completely healed and there should be a law against soft food diets. That is torture. I know I've lost at least five pounds and I'm not one of those girls who obsess over being fat. I am happy with myself and I like my weight. I don't need to loose anymore.

 Anyway, my counselor let me check out a laptop for the week so I can keep up with my college classes. There schedules run different from high school. Well what is a writer going to do when she is confined to the house for a week with nothing , but a laptop and no internet connection, because she lives so deep in the back woods of Louisiana? She's going to pull up Wordpad and type. I kid you not, I typed my entire book in about six says (Friday-Wednesday).

Now I'm about to put the finishing touches and hopefully within my next post I'll be telling you that I have a hard copy of it. So pray for me you guys!! I'm really doing it!

Until next time you fabulous people!

P.S. I also think I have a title, but I should know for sure in my next post.

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