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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place Pt. 2-9:50 a.m.-10/22/11


So when I left you last, I was telling you about my manuscript that was not a long enough to be a novel. Well I have found out a few things since then.

I asked a three of my trusted contacts. One told me to just publish it as is, because there is no limit to creativity. Another told me that the typical rule of thumb is anything over 40,000 words is a novel. Anything below is either a novella or short story. If it's done at 30,000 words, then call it a novella. Nothing wrong with that! If the story seems to need more punch to it to feel complete, then add to it. Otherwise, leave it where it is and don't worry about the categorization.

Then someone commented in a discussion that they didn't know I was still in high school. At that moment, something hit me. They weren't commenting harshly, because they thought I was young. They didn't know.
Now that I look back, since they thought I was older, they also thought I should know better. With that being said, I should have known the typical rule of thumb. Personally, I am fine with having a novella and I'm not about to ruin a great manuscript by making it too wordy, just so I can say I wrote a novel.

As for the rest of it. I'm over it. It's the past and I'm looking ahead.

Until next time readers...

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