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Monday, October 17, 2011

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place Pt. 1-5:41 p.m.-10/17/11

1. So your manuscript is finished...or is it?

Well, you've gone over it a dozen times, rewritten it twice, and agonized over your opening paragraph for four months. You've carried your baby for nine months (or longer) and finally delivered it. You've even had your wife or girlfriend (or both) read it over and they tell you love it.

2. Knowing the number of pages is a first step, and might be useful to someone who charges by the page, but doesn't do much for people who charge by the hour or project - and 177 pages isn't enough for a novel. I wouldn't even consider editing a book-length project until it was finished.

3.What do you base your claim on? If that is all that you can offer, do you have anything else you want to start a rumor on? What a waste of time!

Hello Readers,

If you are wondering what those are, those are three of the comments that I have received in the past day. Don't get me wrong, I don't find them offensive. Its just the critisism that I have been asking for. Like a man told me the othe day, I need to develop thick skin in this business. I am glad they said the things that they said. It just makes me think and it makes me work harder. (By the way I want you all to know that the third comment was not at all directed to my book. It was on a whole different subject. By the way, I still receive a lot of great advice from other people).

Reading these comments did; however, put one question in my mind, "Do some of these people think I am a joke?" Sometimes, I believe they aren't taking me seriously, because of my age. I don't know. I'm not worried. It just gives me more determination and a better reason to keep going.

On the other, I did not know my book was 177 pages until I finished typing it. Honestly, when I saw that number at the bottom of Microsoft Word, I was a little embarrassed, but I shrugged it off. In the back of my mind, that thought was always ther though. Today, there was no ignoring it and I am actually glad she brought it up before publishing. If she thinks this way, I woder how many other readers and writers think this way too. I have been debating about adding 30 extra pages for awhile now. The only problem I have is that my manuscript is finished. The story line is finished. Where am I going to pull 30 extra pages from?

Well readers, the library is about to close and I have to go. Until next time.
to be continued........

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