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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Next Order of Business-10:25 a.m.-10/22/11

What happening readers?

You know time I solve one issue, I have bounce back with three or four more.

The next thing I need to accomplish is putting my book though at least three different types of editing/proofreading phases. First, I have the basic proofreading. That's basically having someone check for spelling and grammar mistakes, omitted words and typos. Second is the basic editing. Basically they read for confusing language, sentence structure errors, redundancies, wordiness, appropriate word choice and consistency. Third is the developmental editing which includes notes and suggestions on improving style, flow, organization and clarity of thought. That is basically making sure the story flows well. Each one of these phases are priced separately, so if I wanted to, I can only have one without the other two. I am inexperienced, so to be on the safe side I'm going to do all three. As a total that can roughly come out to be $1500 (more or less).

The thing I really want to get done is my cover and my logo, because I'mma tell you right now, books aren't the only thing I plan on doing. It would be great if I can get that cover released as a preview. Doing this will cost approx. another $1500 (more or less). At least I know who my designer will be. I just need to tell him when I'm ready to start.

After I get my book edited, I'm going to need to get it copyrighted. Well I can copyright it myself for I think between $30-$60. That's not much, but I can't do that until I get it edited. Bummer!

So, the obvious problem is the timing. I'm not going to have that money until August 2012. One top of that, I didn't realize the contracts and agreements that are in the publishing process. I can't legally sign for anything until August 2, 2012. If you haven't figured it out by now, I am only 17. Bummer!

By the way, I'm not doing this behind my mother's back. Its no secret. My mother knows that this is what I want to do and she supports me. It's kind of funny how it happened actually. We were looking in the Adult books in Wal-Mart. (I'm terribly short, so I need her there with me to get the books off the top shelf. Besides, when she's not there people see my height and stare. I guess they assume that I'm a ten year old who's curious about the adult books and is trying to hide it from mommy. It's so funny when it happens). Anywhoo, I put my arms around her neck and said, "You know what I want to do? I want to publish books like these, but I'mma use a pin name, because I don't want to get kicked out of med school for nothing like this." She said, "Do it. I'm not gonna tell you you can't. Just don't do anything you'll regret later." At one point I did have to hide it from her. She read the romance novels with the white people on the cover, they are clean compared to the stuff I read. Even with those, I'd get in trouble just for looking at them. It changed a little when I took one of her books and refused to give it back until I read it. Well, I found it boring and I voluntarily gave it back. When she started working at the library (I was about 15 then), her manager (who is also our cousin), used to tease her about not reading those types of books, so she checked my mother out one and made her take it home. It was Dirty Old Men by Omar Tyree. My mama couldn't get through the first couple of pages. She said,"This is nasty, I don't want to read it. She said you can read it if you want and take it to school and let your friend, Tuta read it." Of course I loved it. It was an excellent book and every since then I don't really have to hide anything from her in that area.

Now to get back on subject, I figured there is only one solution to all of my dilemmas: take a year off and wait until I turn 18. In the meantime, I can finish the next two book that I started. Sorry guys, I guess I won't be having that hard copy this soon after all, but I will continue to blog.

In other news Mrs. Deatri King emailed me in response to one of my discussion questions. In the email was a link to her new website . I must say that the blogs on this website is very helpful. It makes me think of things in ways I would have never thought of. For example, A Writer's Love Affair by Shelia M. Gross (author of the Lip Gloss Chronicles). She said the relationship between a writer and a reader is like a love affair and she went on to tell you why (visit the website to read more). The stuff she mentioned was so creative, that I wished I could've thought of that. It was well thought about and it made perfect sense.

As for my first book. I am aiming for it to be released by Christmas 2012.

Until next time readers....

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